For some time now, a market trend towards turbine units (EMTCT) has been noticeable. As the total cost of ownership of vehicles is more and more in focus, the efficiency of the overall system is gaining importance. This is where FFCC is already scoring points with its EMTCT energy recovery products. Many customers reported difficulties with the water separators available on the market.

This is where FFCC came in and developed its own optimized water separator. While competitor products have a separation efficiency of 50 - 65 %, the new water separator from FISCHER achieves separation efficiencies of 85 - 95 %! With this additional product, the compressors become even more attractive, and FFCC can offer the customer the solution from a single source. FFCC will show the latest product for the first time at the HAT & CCT trade fair in Bremen from 19th to 20th October 2022.


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