Our knowledge in the field of electric turbo compressors is based on over 80 years of spindle as well as over 15 years of compressor experience. Exact precision, high speeds and strong performance result in the perfect rotation - our core competence! Particularly noteworthy is the development of the absolutely oil-free bearing, which uses a specially developed and patented spiral groove bearing.

Since every fuel cell system works with a different combination of air flow and pressure, a standard product is obviously often the cheaper alternative - but technically not always the the best choice. Therefore, over the last 15 years, we have used our profound know-how in the fields of aerodynamics, mechanics and electrical engineering to develop extremely flexibly adaptable standard components, which provide the perfect jumping-off point for individual customer requirements and maximum efficiency in the overall system.

Once a suitable platform basis has been found, we produce your customized product.


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With Swiss precision engineering, we rely on our unique patented spiral groove gas bearing technology. As a result, our compressors operate without bearing cooling air and require no external air supply. Our FISCHER compressors are virtually wear- and maintenance-free and thus achieve a very long service life as well as highest efficiencies. We are convinced of our compressors and continue to invest in innovation to strengthen our global technology leadership.

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